Entrepreneurship-Believe & Achieve hits store shelves

Helping couples avoid financial conflicts, fights, and spats and gain spouses’ support for their desire to start their own business

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Abundance Publishing Announces the Release of Two Exciting New Books by Renowned Author Steven Pybrum, a groundbreaking Entrepreneurship book.

Abundance Publishing is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of not one but two highly anticipated books by the acclaimed, award-winning author, Steven Pybrum. Version 3.0 of his bestselling book, “Money and Marriage-Making it Work Together,” and his latest creation, “Entrepreneurship-Believe & Achieve: A Guide Book Delivering You the Confidence to Jump into Self-Employment,” are set to hit bookshelves in the first quarter of 2024.

Grow you business by using your skills in marketing and leadership”

— Steven Pybrum CPA

Steven Pybrum is a household name and “the nation’s leading expert on financial issues within the married household.” With a career spanning 42 years as a management consultant and coach to over 1000 self-employed company owners, Pybrum brings a wealth of information, knowledge and experience to his readers. Pybrum’s books are content-rich and provide clear direction.

“Money and Marriage-Making it Work Together” has received widespread acclaim, with Steve appearing live on over 100 television talk shows and news broadcasts, 400 national radio interviews, and gracing the Life sections of major newspapers across the nation. In early 2024, Steven Pybrum will once again be on the airwaves, sharing the latest techniques in financial marriage communication, helping couples avoid conflicts, and unite for the common goal of achieving financial prosperity together.

The new book, “Entrepreneurship-Believe & Achieve,” is a groundbreaking guide that addresses the primary barriers preventing people from pursuing self-employment. Unlike traditional entrepreneurship textbooks, this forward-looking book provides invaluable insights on how to prepare oneself for self-employment and the practical steps to get started. The book provides guidance and structure to those who now own a business. Drawing from his extensive experience, Pybrum offers guidance on how to break free from stagnation and scale a business with marketing strategies and leadership skills.

Steven Pybrum is not only a prolific author but also an inspirational speaker. He frequently addresses corporate groups on various topics, including Financial planning, Tax law changes, Team building, Leadership, Productivity, and Entrepreneurship. He is available for media interviews to discuss the significance of entrepreneurship, which has blossomed post-COVID. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the U.S. economy. Learn how to get a spouse to support your self-employment efforts and dreams.

As the release date of these two remarkable books approaches, readers can look forward to gaining essential knowledge, actionable strategies, and the confidence to navigate the complex worlds of finance, marriage, and entrepreneurship. Abundance Publishing invites everyone to join us in celebrating the upcoming release of Steven Pybrum’s latest literary masterpieces.

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