What is Entrepreneurship?

Create your own job. Join the ranks of the self-employed, people who are ambitious, responsible, and able to learn new things.

Most people want to become entrepreneurs, own their own businesses, and control their own destinies, but they don’t. Studies show that people do not believe in themselves to run a business. People have fears and doubts about leaving the unknown and diving into the unknown. These well-known hurdles explain why more people don’t graduate and then work for 2 to 5 years in a job, then break out into running their own business.

Some don’t have the ability to let go of fears, become responsible, and start their own business. Not just any business; you have to start a business that offers something different, new, unique, convenient, and reliable to a group of targeted customers.

So one needs to let go of their fears, identify a business or activity where they have passion then craft a business around that which will be in demand in the marketplace

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